Here I will share a list of some of the tools and services I use most often on my desktop PC and mobile device.

Someone surprised here? Of course it’s PuTTY!
Winscp – SCP/SFTP client for Windows.
Traccar – Usable GPS tracking software, which works with cheap Chinese trackers
GNU Privacy Guard – PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) client software for Windows.
uBlock Origin – An efficient url blocker for Firefox.
Privacy Badger – Firefox plugin which block spying ads and invisible trackers
Signal – Private and secure messenger app
ProtonMail – The only private and secure email service available at the moment.
F-Droid – Free and Open Source Software catalogue for Android. If you don’t/can’t use Google Apps.
JuiceSSH – Nice SSH client for Android, which can be used for real.
Picture Resizer 6.0 Picture Resizer – Best tool to compress and/or resize your JPEGS (I use PhotoResizeP100IMROEG.exe).