It’s an ISP management system I’ve started to develop back in 2003. It’s basically web interface for accounting clients, ticketing system and network diagnostics.

Via this interface even the secretary can populate new subnets, create new clients, assign IP address, network speed level (upload/download), payment periods etc. It takes care of dhcpd, shaper, mac filter etc. Compatible with both linux and mikrotik.

It also can manage tickets and support tasks. Notifying by email corresponding support team about new task or client case.

Main interface is done in PHP with postgresql database back-end and some bash/tcl scripts running on the access routers.

Home energy monitor

Small project with budget about 100EUR. I did it just because I had the idea of doing it and because I can. It’s a system monitoring the energy consumption and filling it in small database. It also outputs some of the data in graphical form and it’s clearly visible when the heater is switching on and how much is the idle consumption – when everything looks like it’s switched off. Can be used for whole house, selected rooms or single circuits. It also can be used for monitoring energy consumption in factories or data centers.